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A New Jersey court record is a document that contains material relating to a court case. Information about court proceedings, courtroom functions, and court judgments is added to this permanent record. Court records are usually a matter of public record and readily available for public inspection.

Official New Jersey State Court Record Databases.

Superior (Types of Court Records – Criminal, Felony, Civil, Domestic, Family, Juvenile)

Public Access Terminal – Available inside courts.
Web Lookup (Criminal Docket) –
Web Lookup (Civil Docket) –

Municipal (Types of Court Records – Misdemeanor, Ordinance, Traffic)
Web Lookup –

Surrogate (Types of Court Records – Probate)
Public Access Terminal – Available inside courts.

Are Court Records Viewed As General Public Information In New Jersey.

Generally, all court documents are accessible to the New Jersey public, regardless if it be a traffic citation case or a criminal case. There are exemptions to this rule. Like if a participant from a legal court proceeding asks for their record to be sealed. This process will keep it from being a public record. That being said, a court won’t allow this inquiry unless the reasoning behind it is viewed as sound and significant.

Clerk Of Courts Profession Outlined.

The New Jersey clerk of courts is responsible for maintaining a record of New Jersey court proceedings. He or she maintains a record of all court events and statements relating to a lawsuit. The clerk of court position is among the most critical in the court system. This is because the courts rely upon the clerk to record information that accurately confirms everything that happens during a court hearing. It’s additionally the clerk’s responsibility to manage court records and conduct the oath to jurors and witnesses.

How Does Someone Obtain New Jersey Court Records.

Quite a few courts grant accessibility to their files by using an online portal, and individual court documents are readily available to inspect using the world wide web. A few counties do not provide web connectivity to court records. The process you will follow and the documents you can access will differ depending upon the country. You may initiate a search by going to New Jersey state’s court site. From there, work your way down to county-level courts in which nearly all recording comes about.

Finding Copies Of Court Records Totally Free In New Jersey.

So long as the details are a matter of New Jersey public record, it’s possibly freely available online being dependent on the state. Free court records obtainable from federal, state, and regional courts can give variable information. You can learn more about the judgment of convictions, arrests, civil cases, and more. And a good deal of this information is freely obtainable via government agency databases.

Civil Cases Compared To Criminal Cases in New Jersey: Critical Differences.

Civil cases commonly involve personal disagreements among persons or establishments. An example of this may be an Employee and Company dispute. New Jersey criminal cases include situations in which the state is putting on trial an individual for a crime. Even though criminal and civil law in New Jersey is unique, at times, they might cross over one another.