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Various reasons may motivate someone to examine Cumberland County criminal records. Whether you’re vetting another person or curious about your own background report, several options are available for this job.
Online public records databases are effective tools for analyzing criminal records. They search public records, returning outcomes based on the input data.

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Regional Criminal Sources For Cumberland County NJ

Superior Court – Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor)
60 W Broad St Bridgeton, NJ 08302
Web Lookup
Web Judgments
On Location Search – Yes (most complete search done on location)

Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO)
220 N Laurel St, Bridgeton, NJ 08302
Phone: (856) 451-4449
Inmate Lookup Tool
Resource Documents
Sex Offender Internet Registry

Vineland Police Department
111 N 6th St, Vineland, NJ 08360
Phone: (856) 691-4111

Cumberland County Court Records

All jurisdictions have open doors to Cumberland County court records on location, and some will offer an online database; the ease of obtaining records will differ based on the particular court system and the type of information sought. Calling the local court clerk is a good way to check how to access court records.

Cumberland County Police Records

To help ensure your household’s safety typically means staying informed about the backgrounds of those around you. Cumberland County police records can be requested under the Freedom of Information Act, providing vital information about an individual’s criminal past.

Arrest Documents

Although Cumberland County arrest records are typically public, certain information can be inaccessible due to their level of sensitivity. Law enforcement agencies typically restrict access to some information, but in many cases, recent arrests will be posted on the sheriff’s website.

Inmate Documents

Inmate records in Cumberland County NJ can be accessed in multiple ways. One can contact the county jail to ask about a particular jail inmate. The state department of corrections keeps data on state-level prisoners, including information about their incarceration and release dates.

Different Types of Criminal Records:


The outcomes of Cumberland County criminal history searches can be affected by several variables, such as the offense’s seriousness, the person’s age, and the state of the event. Generally, more severe infractions are likelier to appear in criminal history checks, but simple infractions such as a parking violation probably won’t.


Misdemeanors in Cumberland County NJ usually have lighter punishments than felonies, with effects varying from fines, probation to short-term imprisonment. The specific nature and frequency of the misdemeanor can considerably affect the charge. For instance, a repeat misdemeanor might warrant a jail sentence, unlike a first time offense.

Cumberland County Felony Records

Felonies in Cumberland County NJ can entail long prison sentences, with some falling under federal jurisdiction. If you want to dive deep into someone’s criminal past, starting with a felony record search is recommended.

Details On Cumberland County Sexual Offenders

Researching Cumberland County sex offender information can be difficult but essential. The National Sex Offender Registry offers a detailed online database, searchable by various parameters, such as name or address.
Local police departments likewise keep lists of sex offenders within their territories, often accessible through the department’s website.

Cumberland County Duis And Dwis Incidents

A Cumberland County DUI conviction, besides giving you a criminal record, can hinder certain opportunities in life and even impact insurance rates. Repeat DUI offenses intensify the penalties, ranging from extended imprisonment to driver’s license suspension.

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