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Knowing how to access these records is essential for obtaining information and ensuring individual and family safety.

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Regional Criminal Sources For Elizabeth NJ

Elizabeth Police Department
1 Police Plaza, Elizabeth, NJ 07201
Phone: (908) 558-2000
Property And Records

Superior Court – Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor)
908-787-1650 x21250
2 Broad St Tower Bldg 7th F Elizabeth, NJ 07207
Web Lookup
Web Judgments
On Location Search – Yes (most complete search done on location)

Union County Sheriff’s Office (UCSO)
10 Elizabethtown Plaza, Elizabeth, NJ 07207
Phone: 908-527-4450
Inmate Database Search
Records Request
Sex Offender Internet Registry

Elizabeth NJ Municipal Court
208 Commerce Pl, Elizabeth, NJ 07201
Phone: (908) 558-6800

Elizabeth Court Records

When carrying out a Elizabeth criminal record search, there are several approaches offered. One simple approach is utilizing online public records databases that gather information from diverse sources, including state and local court records.
Additionally, you can directly call the court clerk in the county where the person in question resides.

Elizabeth Police Records

To get an individual’s police records in Elizabeth NJ, it’s typically best to request records directly from the police. Usually, this needs a written request, and if the person has resided in multiple states, you’ll need to ask in each particular state.

Arrest Documents

While Elizabeth arrest records might not be a conviction, they still provide valuable insights into an individual’s past or current situation. Frequent arrests might suggest a questionable character. Especially considering a more serious relationship, it’s important to know if the person was ever jailed for violent criminal activities.

Inmate Documents

Inmate records are a potent source of details when investigating someone’s criminal history. These records can be accessed in several ways:

  • Going to the county sheriff.
  • Getting in touch with the state’s department of corrections.
  • Using online databases that provide access to Elizabeth inmate information.

Different Types of Criminal Records:


A Elizabeth infraction, unlike felonies and misdemeanors, is a minor law violation leading to fines or other penalties but not incarceration.
Typical infractions consist of speeding, littering, and public intoxication. Though these are small, they can still have substantial effects. For instance, speeding can result in fines, points on a driver’s license, possibly increased insurance rates, and, with accumulating points, license suspension.


Misdemeanors in Elizabeth NJ are offenses that can result in jail time. They are usually perceived as less severe than felonies and are processed in lower courts.

Elizabeth Felony Records

A standard criminal record check will highlight Elizabeth felonies. The court is a good place to look up felony records.

Details On Elizabeth Sexual Offenders

If you’re concerned about possible sex offenders in Elizabeth NJ, several resources can help. Contact your local police department for information on registered sex offenders or visit the National Sex Offender website preserved by the US Department of Justice.

Elizabeth Duis And Dwis Incidents

Elizabeth DUI records are openly available in most situations. However, some states may seal these records after a defined period or upon the offender’s request.

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