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A Lakewood criminal record is a valuable background check tool, especially when considering people or collaborations. It supplies details about previous convictions and their specifics. Such data can inform decisions about reliability, helping reduce risk connected with people who have a criminal history.

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Ocean County Criminal Records

Regional Criminal Sources For Lakewood NJ

Lakewood Police Department (LPD)
231 3rd St, Lakewood, NJ 08701
Phone: (732) 363-0200
Central Records

Superior Court – Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor)
732-504-0700 x64330
118 Washington St Toms River, NJ 08754
Web Lookup
Web Judgments
On Location Search – Yes (most complete search done on location)

Ocean County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO)
120 Hooper Ave, Toms River, NJ 08753
Phone: (732) 929-2044
Inmate Database Search
Most Wanted
Records Request
Sex Offender Internet Registry

Lakewood Municipal Court
231 3rd St, Lakewood, NJ 08701
Phone: (732) 364-2500

Lakewood Court Records

Access to criminal court records varies by jurisdiction. The most direct method to get these records is by checking the Lakewood court clerk in person. Some jurisdictions also offer online gain access.

Lakewood Police Records

The local Lakewood police department is an additional resource for investigating someone’s criminal history.

Arrest Documents

Arrest records in Lakewood NJ offer a detailed account of an individual’s arrest history, including their complete name, date of birth, and physical description.

Inmate Documents

For detailed criminal information, Lakewood inmate records are another resource. When someone is apprehended and jailed, their details become public, or when someone is sent to jail, this record can also be accessed from the state DOC.

Different Types of Criminal Records:


Infractions in Lakewood NJ are minor offenses that aren’t major crimes. They might lead to fines or other penalties but not incarceration in most cases.


Lakewood misdemeanors are classified into violent and non-violent offenses. Violent misdemeanors consist of criminal activities like assault, battery, and domestic violence, where force or the threat of force is utilized.
On the other hand, non-violent misdemeanors are those with no force or risk component, such as minor theft, public intoxication, and trespassing.

Lakewood Felony Records

To examine Lakewood felony records, start at your county courthouse, where records of all felonies are processed. Furthermore, state police departments keep records of felony arrests statewide and can be another important resource.

Details On Lakewood Sexual Offenders

While various websites claim to offer free sex offender information, their scope might be restricted to a single state. For comprehensive information, the National Sex Offender Public Website, managed by the US Department of Justice, provides access to registered sex offender details across all 50 states.

Lakewood Duis And Dwis Incidents

Lakewood DUI records serve several vital functions. They assist in preventing previous DUI offenders from repeating the offense and help insurers in rate decisions. These records might also reveal whether a person is more prone to risky behavior.

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