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There are numerous reasons somebody might seek access to Monmouth County criminal records, ranging from people considerations to collecting information about local criminal offenses.
While the local police can source such records, court archives are another important resource. In the digital age, many websites likewise supply services to gain access to criminal records.

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Regional Criminal Sources For Monmouth County NJ

Superior Court – Criminal (Felony, Misdemeanor)
732-358-8700 x87913
71 Monument Park, Rm 149, 1st Fl, E Wing Freehold, NJ 07728
Web Lookup
Web Judgments
On Location Search – Yes (most complete search done on location)

Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO)
2500 Kozloski Rd, Freehold, NJ 07728
Phone: (732) 431-6400
Public Inmate Search
Most Wanted
Open Public Records Act (OPRA) Requests
Sex Offender Internet Registry

Long Branch Police Department
344 Broadway, Long Branch, NJ 07740
Phone: (732) 222-1000
Police Reports

Monmouth County Court Records

Court records provide an extensive view of an individual’s Monmouth County history, making them a key resource for critical criminal records. They encapsulate both convictions and acquittals, an element not always covered by other sources like police records. This direct access to records can enhance understanding of somebody’s criminal past.

Monmouth County Police Records

While Monmouth County police records are accessible to the public, the acquisition process will vary. The initial step involves finding the sheriff or police responsible for the record. Each office will have special procedures for record requests. It’s also important to acknowledge that some police records might remain private due to privacy or ongoing investigations.

Arrest Documents

If you think an acquaintance has been arrested in Monmouth County NJ, several avenues are available for confirmation. This could include calling your local sheriff’s headquarters or jail, conducting an online search, or leveraging a public information service.

Inmate Documents

Inmate records can be procured lawfully through numerous resources. A primary route is through the Department of Corrections in the state housing the inmate. In addition, specialized private companies can assist in access to Monmouth County inmate and other public records.

Different Types of Criminal Records:


Infractions in Monmouth County NJ mainly fall under two classifications: traffic and non-traffic. Traffic infractions pertain to car operations, whereas non-traffic ones don’t involve cars and are generally less extreme. Examples of non-traffic infractions include littering, parking offenses, and open alcohol container offenses.


Misdemeanors in Monmouth County NJ encompass a variety of offenses, from DUI/DWI and vandalism to petty theft and simple assault. Repercussions can span fines, probation, or jail time, depending on the offense’s gravity. Certain misdemeanors may even render the revocation of driving privileges.

Monmouth County Felony Records

Inquiries about Monmouth County felony record can be directed to local courthouses or police departments.

Details On Monmouth County Sexual Offenders

For information on Monmouth County sex offenders, one can either visit the local Monmouth County police or access the state’s sex offender registry. Many states keep dedicated registries, searchable online.

Monmouth County Duis And Dwis Incidents

Driving under the influence, universally criminalized throughout states and in Monmouth County NJ, is frequently abbreviated as DUI. DUI and DWI (driving while intoxicated) are often used interchangeably, though subtle definitions might exist depending on the state.

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